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The M&A Source: YOUR Source of Opportunity

Exciting plans are underway as we turn the corner into the second half of 2022. At the M&A Source, this will be the beginning of an intentional, multi-year revitalization that will enhance our education and benefits, attract more advisor members, proliferate our brand, and develop a robust community inclusive of more PE firms, family offices and other buyer groups.

In essence, we will become the definitive Source of opportunity for the Lower Middle Market deal community. It’s doing everything good we’ve always been known for, and taking it up to the next level. As part of this we’ve dialed in on the specific people and companies we need to serve.

For advisors that aspire to work on larger deals, we need to be your Source of foundational education that will empower you to serve these clients with professionalism and excellence, thereby accelerating your personal success.

For those advisors already serving the market, we need to be your Source of advanced learning and continuous development, since we know there is always more to learn in this business.

For our buyer groups, we need to be your Source of connecting with the best advisors in the Lower Middle Market so you can find the best deals out there.

Wherever you may fall in these segments, The M&A Source is, and will only further become, YOUR Source for the education, benefits and connections YOU need to succeed.

Our immediate plans include a new website and social media strategy; a suite of online/on-demand foundational M&A advisor courses; the development of higher-level, live education; and enhancements to our Deal Market experience (you will NOT want to miss the San Diego event this November!)

These are some major ‘rocks’ to lift and we couldn’t do it with our leadership and volunteers. The M&A Source has, and always will be, a member-driven organization and that’s a quality that makes us distinct and makes what we do better. Thank you to all of those who share my passion for this association and tirelessly dedicate your time and talents to support our industry.

I’ve been part of the M&A Source for a long time and have never been more excited about what lies ahead. With our Lower Middle Market focus, we serve a specific niche that no other organization addresses better than the M&A Source. There’s an abundance of opportunity out there for all of us, and the M&A Source is YOUR Source for seizing it.

Best regards,

jeff swiggett headshotJeff Swiggett, CBI, M&AMI
M&A Source Chair of the Board


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