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By Serving, Our Volunteers Lead

As a not for profit association, M&A Source relies heavily on the time and talents of dedicated volunteers who are committed to our mission. Additional volunteers are always welcome, and volunteering is a great way to play a proactive role in improving our industry while building your connections. Please contact the specified committee chair if you’d like to learn more and get involved.

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Communications Committee

Dida Gourdreau | [email protected]

The Communications Committee is responsible for sourcing content and interviews for the M&A Source’s enewsletter, The Bridge.


Chip Emerson
David Dejewski
Mark Travis
Neil Thomson
Ron Edmonds

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Conference Planning Committee

Kathlene Thiel | [email protected]

The Conference Planning Committee plans two M&A Source Conferences/Deal Markets each year, helping to decide themes, speakers and agenda elements.


Alex Welles
Jaclyn Ring
Joel Pokorney
Laura Ward
Mark Travis
Pat McDonald

Phil King
Tawnya Gilreath
Scott Mashuda
Rob Margeton
Erica Lewandowski

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Credentialing Committee

Bob McCormack | [email protected]

The Credentialing Committee develops the Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary (M&AMI) requirements and approves applications for the credential. All volunteers of this Committee must be an M&AMI in good standing.


Gary Papay
Jim Afinowich
Jeff Snell

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Deal Market Committee

Rob Margeton | [email protected]

The Deal Market Committee is responsible for attracting private equity firms, family owned offices and other investor groups to the M&A Source Conferences/Deal Markets. The Committee provides strategic input on program planning to ensure a strong value proposition for these audiences and performs direct outreach.


Brooks Gronlund
Don Hankins
Erica Lewandowski
Eric Gall
Greg Carpenter
Gregg Kunz
Jack Schroeder
Jim Beno

Joel Pokorney
Kathlene Thiel
Nick Olsen
Pat McDonald
Rick Gardner
Rob Margeton
Scott Duke
Steve Schmidt

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Education Committee

Tawnya Gilreath | [email protected]

The Education Committee oversees the association’s strategic educational plan, generates ideas for new courses, and often is directly involved in creating/updating courses. This Committee also oversees all policies concerning education and professional development.


Mike Adhikari
Amy Cole
Barry Berkowitz
Brenda Sali
Cliff Brown
Cress Diglio
Dean McDonald
Jim Nairn
Katherine Marchese
Laura Ward

Michael Mullen
Monty Walker
Pat McDonald
Pino Bacinello
Phil King
Richard Mowrey
Steven Beal
Taylor Devine
Tina Zeng

marketing symbol

Marketing Committee

Jim Cumbee | [email protected]

The Marketing Committee is responsible for supporting and developing marketing strategies and tools, develop and hone innovative ideas, and identify marketing opportunities.


Andrew Saikaley
Greg Carpenter
Robert Latham

membership symbol

Membership Committee

Dean McDonald | [email protected]

Kyle Griffith, CM&AP | [email protected]

The Membership Committee oversees the association’s membership initiatives through promotion of member benefits, developing and executing plans to increase and retain current members.


Adam Ray
Royce Clemens
Russell Cohen
Vishal Bharucha
Joe Shemansky

finance symbol

Finance Committee

Monty Walker | [email protected]

The Finance Committee is responsible for supervising the financial affairs of the association, with the current Treasurer always serving as its Chair. Additional members of this committee include, but are not necessarily limited to, the current Chair and Chair Elect. The Committee monitors financial statements for conformance to goals, forecasts and policies, and creates the annual budget which is subject to Board approval.


Jeff Swiggett
Scott Mashuda

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Sponsorship Committee

Jaclyn Ring | [email protected]

Our Sponsorship Committee forms relationships with product and service providers who serve the lower middle market advisor community, to invite them to participate in our bi-annual Conference + Deal Market.


Alex Welles
Charles Harvey
Kathlene Thiel
Lamar Stanley
Scott Stevens

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