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M&A Source® Launches DealMakerInsider.com ‒ a New Website That Delivers Exclusive Content for Leading Lower Middle Market Advisors

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June 18, 2024 (Independence, OH) ‒ Today, M&A Source® announced the launch of a new website, DealMakerInsider.com. Powered by M&A Source, the site provides access to exclusive, curated content for experienced M&A advisors to drive more success. Access to this content is provided free-of-charge. M&A Source is the preeminent professional association dedicated to lower middle market mergers and acquisitions.

On DealMakerInsider.com, leading lower middle market M&A advisors can access cutting-edge information on the latest innovations, emerging trends and relationship-building opportunities to strengthen their practices and enhance their skills. On this new site, Advisors can expect to:

  • Boost deal flow with wisdom from top deal makers.
  • Get better outcomes with insights from lower middle market investors.
  • Access M&A Source events, where established intermediaries, private equity groups
    and family offices connect and network.

DealMakerInsider.com is the result of long-term, strategic planning to find innovative ways to serve experienced lower middle market transaction professionals. It is an extension of, and a compliment to, the M&A Source.org public website. To make their vision a reality, M&A Source selected digital marketing agency Consult PR Inc., AKA The Digital WOW, to be their technology partner. In 2023, the agency underwent an extensive vetting process before becoming an official benefit for M&A Source membership. With decadeslong client relationships in the M&A industry, Consult PR Inc., AKA The Digital WOW has 25 years of experience, specializing in four main verticals: phone apps, software, websites and digital marketing.

“M&A Source is the recognized source of opportunity and excellence for advisors and investors in the lower middle market. DealMakerInsider.com is our specialty site, whereby we can speak specifically to the needs and interests of established advisors, who want to drive more success in their M&A transactions.” – Kylene Golubski, Executive Director, M&A Source


About M&A Source

M&A Source® is the leading not for profit association for individuals and firms engaged in lower middle market business transactions. The association provides education, benefits, conferences, support programs and networking opportunities, and awards the Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary® (M&AMI®) designation to qualified advisors. For additional information, contact M&A Source directly at 216-243-0030.

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