ReCap: Maximizing Your Conference + Deal Market ROI

In an effort to maximize your ROI at the conference in San Diego, here are the key points mentioned in a recent webinar.  You can view the webinar here.

  • EDUCATION Take as many classes and workshops as possible.  This is your opportunity to learn and interact with the experts in M&A, Law, Financing, etc.  Additional classes can be added to your registration up to the conference.
  • LEADERSHIP MEETING The leadership meeting on Tuesday morning from 7-8:30 am is your opportunity to meet the leaders and committee members of the M&A Source.  The meeting is open to all members, and you are encouraged to attend.  This is also a great opportunity to learn about the various committees and be able to sign up to help in your area of interest or to expand into something you might be curious about.   Committees can be an opportunity to network and make friends with your peers throughout the year in between conferences.
  • NETWORKING  A successful M&A intermediary is all about connections.  It is a great feeling to be able to follow up admitting you don’t do or know about something with “but I know a guy or gal who…”  Better yet, you may be the one who receives that referral in the future from a contact you met at a conference.  Be assertive.  Seek out other new members and first-time attendees to create friendships that will follow you for a lifetime.   Embrace your membership as the freshman class of 2022.
  • DEAL MARKET The deal market is an opportunity to meet and pitch the private equity members at the conference.  The better name might be “Relationship Market.”  PEGs are there not only to find a deal, but also to develop relationships with offices and intermediaries attending the conference.
  • If you don’t have any appropriate deals, pick out a few representatives looking for your interests or specialties from the descriptions in the app and take a few minutes to introduce yourself.  The ideas they share with you may lead you to seek opportunities in a specific vertical or other attribute.
  • If you have a deal to pitch, come prepared with a teaser and knowledge of the deals you represent.  After a 5–10-minute conversation, leave the representative with a business card or teaser to remind them of their conversation with you so that a follow-up call can be scheduled.  PEGs will be seated at tables, and the intermediaries will walk around the tables at an unscheduled pace.

NDAs are permitted, but remember, representatives may not be able or willing to sign on the spot and that the goal of the Deal Market is to make contact, not negotiate the deal.
  • AWARD CEREMONIES What motivation to succeed is better than seeing your peers being congratulated for a job well done?  Often there may be a nugget of knowledge about how these successful intermediaries got to their shining moment that you can apply to your own practice.  Award ceremonies are typically held at the Spring Conference.
  • DRESS Although casual is OK, it was noted recently that more people are moving to business casual during the conference.  Ties are still a rare occurrence, but the important part is being comfortable in your selection.  Remember that the Tuesday night cocktail hour will be outside in San Diego and a jacket may be necessary.
  • NAME BADGES Everyone will be given a name badge to be worn at the conference.  In addition, leadership and committee chairs will have identifying ribbons to help everyone identify the right people.
  • MEALS Breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of the schedule.  A cocktail hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres will be offered after the day’s events.  Be sure to find some new friends and spend some time in San Diego at a restaurant of your choice.  Remember to set the alarm for the new member and leadership breakfasts on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  Also, be sure to participate in our auction for charity held at the Tuesday cocktail party.
  • SPOUSES/GUESTS Guest passes are available for an additional charge to enter the meals and cocktail hours.
  • THE APP The key to your conference is the app.  One week before the conference, you will be emailed instruction on downloading the app.  No paper information will be available before or during the conference.  The app will provide you with attendee’s bios, room maps, schedules, and other relevant information.  Be sure to fully complete your profile and make it “public” to help others to find you.
  • MORE INFORMATION  The staff at the M&A Source reminds all participants to follow the emails and download the conference app when available.  Other resources include the website and Emily Bowler ([email protected]) if we have missed a point.  The staff is here to help us all.

This a living document that I hope continues to improve and provide better information to future classes of the M&A Source Conferences.   If you have more questions or clarifications that you think we should include, please drop a note, and we can add them to the subsequent conferences in Orlando and Charlotte.

Have fun in San Diego and say “HI” to me!

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Mark Travis
The NYBB Group/Skylight Intermediaries
Syracuse, NY
[email protected]