Market Pulse Report

The M&A Source and International Business Brokers Association, in partnership with Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project, have set a goal to provide quality information on a quarterly basis in order to become the go-to source for Main Street and Lower Middle Market transactions. The Market Pulse Report gives timely and accurate data to help you build and maintain a successful and sustainable business, as well as helps to build the brand of the M&A Source, IBBA, and its regional affiliates and chapters.

M&A advisors are asked on a quarterly basis to complete a survey discussing the current brokerage marketplace, from recent closings to what is in the pipeline. After the survey closes, the information is compiled and a summary of the findings is released. This report has been picked up by multiple local and national news outlets, including Forbes.

Those who participate in the survey are sent the 100+ page full report and 100+ page comparison report, as well as a press release draft for you to insert your name and submit to your local media. Participation not only ensures the best data, but it also provides you invaluable insight into the current state of business brokerage.

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