Master Certifications

The Professional Standard in Middle Market Transactions

The M&A Source Merger & Acquisition Master Certifications are proprietary designations that afford professional growth and marketability unlike any other in the M&A profession. This title distinguishes each of the holders as seasoned professionals who have a solid educational background, proven accomplishments in completing deals, and a strong passion for the M&A Source and the M&A profession.

Successful completion of the Masters certification process significantly distinguishes M&A professionals within their field.  The Master designation is the only one to require both educational credits and the successful completion of multiple middle-market transactions.

The M&A Source currently offers 2 Master Certifications:

Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI):  Primary Intermediary involved in the M&A deal-making process and/or management of the M&A deal-making process.

Merger & Acquisition Master Finance (M&AMFin):  Primary lender (relationship manager) involved in the M&A acquisition financing process and/or management of the M&A acquisition financing process.

Why Should You Hold An M&AMI?

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Initial Certification Requirements

  • Membership in the M&A Source
  • Completion of the Master Certification Application
  • Proof of 3 years full time M&A deal maker experience in the past 10 years
  • Hold a CBI plus 20 Credit Hours of M&A Source Sponsored Coursework* or 40 Credit Hours for Non-CBIs* or Coles College of Business Certified M&A Professional Program
  • Attend 2 M&A Source Conferences
  • Submit 3 Transactions =/> $1.5 million USD
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For the value of transactions completed, the real estate value will be considered part of the transaction value as long as the real estate is an essential part of the business. Submit one M&AMI Transaction Submittal Form for each transaction.

The approval process can take three weeks from the initial application for credit verification and committee review.

*conference credit hours do not count toward education hours for initial certification

Recertification Requirements

Upkeep of the Master designations is required. Every M&AMI and M&AMFin must complete the recertification requirements by the following third anniversary of the award and each three years thereafter.

To recertify as an M&AMI or M&AMFin, the following requirements must be met:

  • Maintain an active membership in the M&A Source or the IBBA
  • Pay an annual maintenance fee
  • Attend at least one M&A Source conference (16 credits)
  • Earn a minimum of 36 credit hours of education, association activities, or completed business transactions.
    • All accepted credits are outlined in the Complete Master Certification policy.

A one-year extension may be requested if these requirements will not be met. Failure to complete these requirements in the recertification period will result in the revocation of the M&AMI  or M&AMFin designation.  It is possible to reinstate the designation after it has been lost.

Master Certification Complete Policy

If you have any questions about the M&AMI  or M&AMFin designations, please feel free to download & review the complete Master Certifications Policy

You can also email [email protected]

Check Your Credits

To check your current course credits follow these three steps

  1. Log into your Profile on the Member Database
  2. On your Profile Page go to Content and Features
  3. Under Content and Features click on Professional Development 

Promote Your Credential

Download the document below and share with business owners to educate them on the benefits of working with an M&AMI holder:

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