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Field Courses

The M&A Source now allows certain organizations to offer courses at their own events; cutting down on travel time and expenses for your members and employees.

If you would like to schedule a field course, please visit the Field Course Page for Course Offerings and Guidelines

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Current Courses

#350 M&A Opportunities in the Health Industry
#363 Overcoming Complexities of Selling Manufacturing Companies
#368 Obtaining Quality Engagements with Quality Sellers through Networking
#369 The Subtle Art of Educating the Client
#375 Taking Your Practice Up Market: Skills You Need to Execute $10 million+ Deals
#383 Keys to successful outcomes in the Due Diligence process
#386 Negotiation Skills: Getting More of What You Want in Every Deal
#388 Marketing in Today’s World
#415 The Art of Deal Making as a Buy-Side Advisor – A Report from the Trenches
#416 Helping Sellers Identify the Most Suitable Buyer & Type Transaction When Selling Their Company
#426 Determining Required Working Capital
#427 Working Capital Skills Development Lab
#428 Tax Returns and hidden key points for M&A
#435 M&A Case Study Master Class
#441 The Life Cycle of a Private Equity Transaction
#442 Fundamentals of Lower Middle-Market Private Equity – Teasers and CIMS
#446 Working with Tax Returns in an M&A Transaction
#460 Quality of Earnings: From Measured Financials to Meaningful Analysis
#470 Adding Value by Developing Industry Expertise
#472 Preparing a Business for Sale and Maximizing Value
#481 Managing an M&A Auction in the Lower Middle Market
#485 The Sustainable M&A Practice-Establishing, Growing and Sustaining an Office
#491 Using Leveraged Buyout Analysis in M&A Transactions