The M&A Source is here to help. As “the source” for all things involving lower-middle market transactions, the page contains information to help you find the most experienced, knowledgeable and ethical M&A advisor.


Why should I hire an M&A advisor?

Selling a business of any size – no matter how seemingly straightforward – requires hours and hours of meetings, discussions, phone calls, negotiations, reviewing documents laden with “legal-ese,” and other administrative tasks. Can you spare the time away from your business? Do you WANT to take on a project this big and important to your future?

The key benefits to hiring an M&A advisor and member of The M&A Source are:

  1. You can continue to run your business as you always have while the M&A advisor works in the background to market & sell your business
  2. Just as a real estate agent acts a buffer between buyer and seller, an M&A advisor can do this for your business sale as well
  3. M&A advisors have extensive experience in the documentation, which insures they can adequately handle not only the flow of paperwork, but complete everything completely and properly the first time
  4. Education and Experience!
    • M&A advisors have experience in different types of sales – from straightforward to complicated.
    • M&A Source members have access to top notch education on a variety of topics. This ensures they are always up-to-date on new rules & regulations, as well as best practices.
    • Many M&A Source members hold elite designations – such as the M&AMI and CM&AP.
  5. Higher sales price
    • M&A advisors have existing relationships with potential buyers and know how to market your business. This often translates into higher valuation for your business.

When you decide to work with an M&A advisor:

  • Get referrals from your network or use our member directory to find someone in your local area.
  • Some M&A advisors specialize in certain types of businesses; while others are more generalists. Ask questions to make sure the M&A advisor you’re working with is a good fit for your business.
  • Consider calling & interviewing several M&A advisors in your area to see who is the best fit for both you & your business.
  • Most lower middle market M&A advisors require retainer fees at the time of engagement and receive success fees at the close of the transaction. Fees are dependent on the complexity and size of the transaction.
  • Ask for client references before getting started.
  • Ask how the M&A advisor will market your business. Do they have access to a database of buyers? Do they attend the Dealmakers Expo to meet with Private Equity Groups? Put up ads on the Internet? Share listings with other M&A advisors in the area?
  • Find out if your state requires M&A advisors to be licensed (either real estate or otherwise).
  • Do they belong to any processional associations, such as The M&A Source, or hold any designations such as the M&AMI or CM&AP?

Now what?

The M&A Source recommends that you use our membership directory to find some M&A advisors near you. Also, feel free to review our other resources to learn more about the pitfalls and best practices in selling a business.

As you prepare to hire an M&A advisor, please also ask yourself the following:

  • How much do I need and want after taxes to move to the next chapter?
  • Is my expectation of valuation realistic?
  • Is my company ready for the due diligence process?

Here to Begin?

If you’re not sure where to start, pick up the phone and call an M&A Source M&A advisor to get the process started. This will also help you wrap your head around all of the steps & paperwork required. Find a reliable M&A Source member & M&A advisor below: