The Winner’s Mindset

In this session, the time will literally fly by as Doug uses his gifts of humor, wit, storytelling, and observation to teach his most powerful principles for transforming your life and career. You will leave with a new awareness of how to quickly connect with virtually anyone, and how to influence your attitude, your energy level, and your results. Doug’s insights, exercises, and personal stories are not only entertaining, they will touch your heart, challenge your thinking, and have an immediate impact on your relationships at both home and work.

Doug Hanson 

America’s Premier Transformation Coach 

Doug Hanson holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Business (MBA).  After successful careers in the entertainment industry as a show director for ESPN and the computer industry with Hewlett Packard, Doug Hanson created his company in 1994 and committed his life to helping people and organizations thrive and prosper by improving their Skills, Mindset, Energy, and Emotional Connection.   

Today, Doug is nationally and internationally recognized as a speaker, consultant, best-selling author, Emmy® Award winning producer, and peak performance coach.  He has addressed more than 1,400 audiences through events in 16 countries spanning 5 continents including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Lithuania, Thailand, Singapore, and several European countries.  Doug was a featured facilitator for 7 consecutive years at Tony Robbins’ famous Life Mastery University in Hawaii and was hired by the NFL to energize the 10,000 volunteers involved in Super Bowl 38 at the pre-game rally held in Houston’s NRG stadium.