4 Simple Ways M&A Firms Sign Up More Clients


By Gabe Galvez Co-Founder of CAPTARGET, LLC Founder/CEO of Merger Labs LLC What if I told you that you could easily catch up with your competition by making just a few small changes to your M&A firm? Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. Below are four simple, but often overlooked hacks that can make your firm more attractive to potential clients and help you leave the competition behind. #1 Focus On a Single Vertical or Geography Only Seems counter intuitive right? After all, the more diverse your service and market are the more [...]

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An Owner’s Strategy for a Down Economy: Heads, You Win; Tails, You Don’t Lose


By Gary W. Ampulski, PhD Managing Partner of MidwestGenesis There is a saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. But the opposite is also true. As the skipper of a business, an owner needs to know when a tide comes in and when it recedes in order to plot a course to realize maximum business value. Just as there is a repeating nature to the tides, the economy also runs in cycles. Its ebb and flow may not be as predictable as the moon’s gravitational force on our oceans but they are nevertheless still cyclical and their periods can have [...]

An Owner’s Strategy for a Down Economy: Heads, You Win; Tails, You Don’t Lose2018-08-02T15:43:21-04:00

Age Specific Target Marketing


By Charles Milam, CBI, M&AMI Improve the return-on-investment for your marketing campaigns Every business will eventually change ownership and the decision to sell a company can either be viewed by the owner as the most agonizing event or the most liberating. Some owners are ill prepared for a business transition and are caught off guard by deteriorating health, unanticipated financial calamities, divorce, or personal stress. These owners are forced to sell without proper planning and often receive less than optimal remuneration for their company. Other owners recognize that in order to maximize the business value, similar strategic planning done during the [...]

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