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  • Private Equity Firms (acquisition criteria, portfolio companies & key executives)
  • Mezzanine Lenders
  • Investment Banks
  • Public Companies
  • Private Companies
  • Small Business Investment Companies
  • Senior Lenders
  • Institutional Real Estate Investors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Valuation Firms

Although specifically built for middle market investment bankers, other M&A participants have also successfully used to expand their network and close more deals.

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Your M&A Source Membership includes a complimentary Vault Rooms account with unlimited data rooms, 1 admin, 1 GB of storage and unlimited users for your transactions.  This Vault Rooms Starter Plan offers a wide range of features including room branding, dynamic watermarking, document view print and download controls, granular user controls, audit reports and many more.  Additional admins, storage, extended support and other features are also available as a-la-carte upgrades at a nominal fee. This $2,800 annual retail value package is yours free as a M&A Source member.

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Get your membership for “free” by using just this one benefit! Members get free and complete full access to First Research industry profiles covering over 1000 industry segments. Updated on a monthly basis, First Research industry profiles contain critical analysis, statistics and forecasts to help you engage key prospects, coach key clients, and deepen customer relationships.

A single report is normally $139 but, exclusively for members, all reports are free. This means if you utilize just four reports in a year, you have already more than offset the cost of your membership!

What this means to M&A Source members:

  • Get an edge on the competition by quickly gaining the “knowledge advantage”
  • Enhance strategic planning and marketing with industry-specific content
  • Establish credibility on sales calls by articulating and intelligently discussing key business issues
  • Identify what a prospect is not telling you about some risks and opportunities his or her business is facing
  • Develop clients’ trust to build long-term relationships
  • Maintain meaningful contact, stay on top of critical trends, and identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Now covering over 1,000 industries, the reports are updated quarterly – exportable into customizable formats

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M&A Source members receive a complimentary subscription to DealStats (formerly called Pratt’s Stats) by submitting completed transaction information (members receive 3 months of access for each deal contributed).

Learn more and get involved at DealStats provides up to 199 data points highlighting the financial and transactional details of sold private companies. DealStats collects private business transactions from business brokers and M&A advisors, and also captures deal information when a public company purchases a private company. The DealStats database is updated daily with new transactions. As of June 2020, DealStats contained 40,000 transactions.

DealStats users enjoy:

  • Easy searching identifies comparable transactions by keyword, revenue range, industry name, SIC or NAICS code, profitability margins, company name, and hard-to-find data on how deals are structured, including payment terms, purchase price allocations, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, private-company financial statements, private-company financial ratios.
  • Automated computation of the summarized statistics for valuation/pricing multiples and other relevant data for your selected comparable companies.
  • Valuation/pricing multiples with their coefficients of variation point to the greatest value drivers.
  • The ability to track market pricing trends via DealStats timely deal updates.
  • Access to payment term information including contingency payment and transaction fee details.
  • Asking price vs. selling price comparisons for spread analysis.
  • Listing date and selling date inclusions for time-on-market analysis.
  • A free subscription to the DealStats Value Index, a quarterly PDF publication analyzing private company transactions from the DealStats database.
  • Access to functionality from within the DealStats platform that allows you to apply multiples from your comparable company to your subject company in order to derive a listing price.

For assistance contact or 503-479-8200.

BizBuySell is the Internet’s largest business-for-sale marketplace, with millions of visits from entrepreneurs in search of an opportunity or help selling their business each month. When you enter a listing on BizBuySell’s BrokerWorks platform, it also appears on BizQuest, LoopNet, the Wall Street Journal,, the USA Today Network and local media partners – delivering more exposure than all similar listing services combined.  As an M&A Source member, you can connect your account to BizBuySell to highlight your M&A Source and M&MAI logos on your BizBuySell listings and BrokerWorks profile, adding credibility and a reason for clients to choose you over your competition. In addition, your listings will display in exclusive search queries on BizBuySell and on, receiving more leads than non-M&A Source members.

When you need to sell a business, you need to be on Call 888-777-9892 to learn more.

For more than a decade, CAPTARGET has helped source acquisition opportunities and new clients through a ‘no success fee’ model of deal
origination used by industry leaders on both the buy- and sell-side.

M&A Source members receive a 10% discount on all origination services.

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M&A Source members enjoy substantial discounts on MoneySoft’s professional-quality business valuation and M&A transaction software.

Savvy intermediaries use MoneySoft DealSense to improve their productivity, handle more deal opportunities and improve the level of diligence and preparation before taking a business to market. DealSense streamlines the process of recasting financials, year/year analysis, projecting cash flows, and preparing Business Valuations and Market Price Studies.

DealSense creates customizable Confidential Information Memoranda that are credible and effective by including both the financial numbers that buyers want to see along with descriptive information. It’s a winning combination.

Add DealSense to your toolbox to enhance your position as a “trusted advisor” in order to increase your influence on the outcome of negotiations and due diligence by improving the probabilities of closing deals and earning success fees.

Discount on DealSense: 25% off the first-year online subscription price (currently $1,595). Free technical support and report writer are included.

Free Industry Report (a $140 value) with each DealSense purchase: A 5-year Integra Industry Report (ratios and common-size).

Up to 15% Discount on Data Products and Training Services when purchasing 2 or more: Current data products include BIZCOMPS, RMA and Integra Reports. Custom online training is offered at an hourly rate and hosted by a MoneySoft product specialist.

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Hill Program Managers – E&O Coverage Discount

  • 50% deductible credit against the claims expenses should a claim occur (up to $25k per claim)
  • M&AMI, M&AMFin, and CM&AP holders receive the benefit above plus a 5% discount on their annual premium – an additional $100 in savings!

For additional information, please contact Margaret Hill at or +1 303.929.3523.

ITR Economics will provide you the most accurate forecast, with an unbiased perspective, supported by advice from our business-minded economists. We have a 94.7% forecast accuracy rating at four quarters out, and we utilize an intensive data-vetting process when considering forecasting a new dataset. Our services benefit the M&A space in multiple ways. Most commonly, our expertise is used for:

  1. Forecasting a target company’s sales to identify growth potential based on where the economy will naturally take the business.
  2. Forecasting your own company’s sales to identify the optimal time to sell the business, looking three years out.
  3. Leveraging useful insights on impactful trends such as inflation, supply chain disruptions, the economic impact of current events, construction activity, consumer trends, commodity prices, and more.
  4. Tracking industry trends with three-year forecasts for major sectors of the US economy as well as major world economies.

We are the oldest continuously operating, privately held economic forecasting firm in the United States. Our unique methodology consistently provides accurate forecasts coupled with expert advice on maximizing your profitability during any Business Cycle Phase™.

Our mission is to provide the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions. Our team is friendly, committed to excellence, and focused on providing a superior experience.

Testimonials from our clients include such statements as, “I really appreciate the no-drama approach to presenting facts,” and “I value the data-supported look into the future. It helps us reduce the emotional inputs to our business decisions.”

We are committed to helping the world of business grow stronger through accurate forecasting, clear communication, and partnering with our clients as trusted advisors.

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Vertical IQ is an innovative industry intelligence tool designed to help those who advise small businesses ready themselves for meetings, remain top of mind, build long-lasting relationships, generate new business, mitigate industry risks, and improve their reputation as an industry expert.

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