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An Interview with Cheryl Venezia


Tell us about your pre-M&A career and how it led you to doing this work? I started my career in public accounting doing audits of SEC companies based out of NYC. I call myself a ‘recovering CPA’ as I let my license lapse many years ago. From there I jumped into Financial Services, working at PaineWebber which was acquired by UBS in the early 2000’s. I spent almost 30 years at those combined companies, working in internal management across wealth management, technology, regulatory and finance divisions, while raising 4 children. In late 2017 my job was eliminated (yet again!) and I [...]

An Interview with Cheryl Venezia2022-09-14T12:32:39-04:00

Remembering Transactions Lost: What could have been done to save them?


Nothing hurts more than a transaction that’s just days away from closing, falling apart. Today I go through the most popular reasons we see deals die closer to the closing. Remember losing sleep over that one deal last year that you knew should have closed but didn’t? Our office tracks every transaction that does not move forward to closing and our staff is required to explain the cause in writing. Not only are we required to write up the reason in detail, but we also meet at the end of each month to discuss specifically what we could have done to [...]

Remembering Transactions Lost: What could have been done to save them?2022-08-03T12:57:23-04:00

Live Oak Bank: Financing and Structure for Lower Middle Market Deals with John Wahl.


Lamar Stanley of Lead Capital Partners chats with John Wahl of Live Oak Bank about what makes Live Oak different and how they structure lower middle market deals. In the interview they discuss the history of Live Oak, and John's work in SBA lending, combination financing, and many other structures.

Live Oak Bank: Financing and Structure for Lower Middle Market Deals with John Wahl.2022-08-03T08:49:02-04:00

Deal From Heaven: A Lower Middle Market Deal Story


Every M&A advisor I know dreams about the deal from heaven. Everything about the deal moves smoothly signing the client, preparing the client, marketing the deal, due diligence and closing all go off without a hitch resulting in a happily client and a nice fee. Of course, it almost never happens quite that way. We have a vertical-market firm focused on the lawn and landscape industry. Like many others, we have built our practice by developing long-term relationships and that has really paid off. I’ve only had a few deals from heaven, but I will share the story of one. I [...]

Deal From Heaven: A Lower Middle Market Deal Story2022-07-08T15:00:43-04:00

Preparing Owners for the Selling Process


Selling ownership in a privately held middle market business is hard; and without the owner’s 100% commitment, transactions rarely make it across the finish line. The selling process is time-consuming. It is disruptive. Confidentiality is at risk. Owners’ emotions often swing wildly in many directions – from fearful, to joyful, to angry, to hopeful, to feelings never experienced before – and all these may occur in a single conference call. Negotiations can be offensive. Tempers frequently flare. Due diligence is invasive and interminably long. Legal and other professional fees never seem to end. These and many other destabilizing elements occur almost [...]

Preparing Owners for the Selling Process2022-07-08T14:34:56-04:00

An Interview with M&A Source Member, Robert Latham


Robert Latham is the founder and President of Altapraem M&A Advisors. Prior to forming Altapraem, he was the Vice President and a top producing broker of the Houston office of Transworld Business Advisors. Bob has worked in a wide spectrum of industries including heavy manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, aerospace and defense, construction, gas transmission, plastics and commercial real estate brokerage and investment. Bob has a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Demonstrating his commitment to excellence in his chosen profession, he is an active member of the International Business Brokers Association and [...]

An Interview with M&A Source Member, Robert Latham2022-10-06T10:46:24-04:00

The M&A Source: YOUR Source of Opportunity


Exciting plans are underway as we turn the corner into the second half of 2022. At the M&A Source, this will be the beginning of an intentional, multi-year revitalization that will enhance our education and benefits, attract more advisor members, proliferate our brand, and develop a robust community inclusive of more PE firms, family offices and other buyer groups. In essence, we will become the definitive Source of opportunity for the Lower Middle Market deal community. It’s doing everything good we’ve always been known for, and taking it up to the next level. As part of this we’ve dialed in on [...]

The M&A Source: YOUR Source of Opportunity2022-06-03T12:35:38-04:00

Making the Transition from Business Brokerage to M&A


Many M&A Source members join the organization after being business brokers. The desire to move upmarket and work on bigger deals is natural and it happens regularly. M&A advisors bridge the gap between small businesses and large corporations, focusing on the lower middle market. I believe that the major factor that determines whether a deal is business brokerage or M&A depends on who is the most logical, highest value buyer. If it is an industry buyer or a PEG, it is an M&A deal. After selling my business in 2002 I went back to graduate school for an MBA and started [...]

Making the Transition from Business Brokerage to M&A2022-04-14T13:50:55-04:00

An Interview with M&A Source Member, Ron Edmonds


Ron Edmonds serves as a principal consultant for The Principium Group, Inc. He is a corporate finance professional with extensive experience in merger and acquisition transactions, including due diligence, negotiating, directing other professionals, and planning the integration of operations. Ron has significant experience with the health care, consumer services, financial institutions, manufacturing, distribution, and entertainment industries. He is a member of the Association for Corporate Growth, M&A Source, the International Business Brokers Association, and the National Association of Landscape Professionals.  He holds B.S.B.A. and M.S. degrees in accounting from Oklahoma State University.  Ron has been designated an Industry Expert for the [...]

An Interview with M&A Source Member, Ron Edmonds2022-03-02T14:26:24-05:00

Dealing with Buyer Loss Aversion


By Al Danto Psychology has and always will continue to play a major role in the M&A process. The entrepreneur who takes the time to understand a prospective buyer’s fears, both rational and irrational, stands to significantly increase the value of their transaction. This is one of the biggest challenges to the entrepreneur. Having run the business for years, the entrepreneur becomes immune to many of the risks embedded in the business. Over time, they accept and become comfortable with them. Like the owner of a car that has been owned for years and driven for 50,000 miles: it is dependable, [...]

Dealing with Buyer Loss Aversion2022-03-02T10:13:04-05:00
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