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An Interview with Sally Anne Hughes, M&A Entrepreneur


Sally Anne Hughes, MBA, CBI founded Hughes Klaiber in 2008. Hughes Klaiber is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm based in New York City providing trusted advice to help entrepreneurs navigate the complex process to sell or buy a business. Sally Anne and her team bring a high level of experience and expertise, to help clients confidently navigate an important personal and financial transaction. Her career prior to founding Hughes Klaiber included ten years at Citigroup. She received an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida. After many [...]

An Interview with Sally Anne Hughes, M&A Entrepreneur2021-09-15T13:09:32-04:00

What is the Role of Net Working Capital in the M&A Process?


Working capital (or a company’s current assets minus its liabilities) is one of the most misunderstood concepts in corporate America and has been responsible for many transactions’ failure to close. Net working capital (also referred to as NWC or working capital) analysis is usually left to the end of most merger and acquisition (M&A) processes and is often highly contested due to the intricacies involved in this calculation. Sellers often misinterpret working capital as being measured in “months,” and representative of cash burn or some kind of safety net regarding corporate liquidity. In reality, working capital calculations follow generally accepted formulas [...]

What is the Role of Net Working Capital in the M&A Process?2021-09-15T08:34:58-04:00

How three private equity firms valued the same company


How three private equity firms valued the same company By Scott Bushkie As part of our annual State of the Market M&A conference, held virtually this winter, we invited three private equity (PE) firms to review and submit an offer on a hypothetical company. They revealed their offers at the conference, and we held a panel discussion on why they valued the company the way they did. We keep the invited PE firms confidential. They don’t know who else will be submitting “offers,” so there’s no collusion or comparing notes ahead of time. Because they’re doing this as a public exercise, [...]

How three private equity firms valued the same company2021-07-30T10:09:04-04:00

Economic Buoyancy


Your business has no doubt been under a lot of economic pressure over the last 15 months or so. That pressure may stem from too much or too little demand for your products or services. A lot of either type of pressure can make it very tempting to sell your business now, but selling your business under economic pressure is ill-advised unless you absolutely have no choice. Economic buoyancy provides the best return on the investment of your hard work, imagination, dedication, and, of course, capital. Economic pressure is more than just the relative health of the economy, as other factors [...]

Economic Buoyancy2021-07-30T10:08:43-04:00
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