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Tuesday, May 10

Moderator:  Jaclyn Ring – Vice President, REAG


  • John Howe – Vice President, Business Transition Strategies
  • Laura Maver Ward – Founder & Managing Partner, Kingsbridge Capital Partners
  • Bob McCormack – Managing Partner, Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors
  • Scott Bushkie – Founder & Managing Partner, Cornerstone Business Services, Inc.

Workshop Description:  
The only way to avoid making mistakes is to have experience and the only way to get experience is to make mistakes. This panel is packed with experience from seasoned M&A dealmakers. Not all deals are created equal. Some are more memorable than others. Come join our esteemed panel as they share some of the most unforgettable experiences from their illustrious careers.

Moderator:  Scott Mashuda – Co-Founder & Managing Director, REAG


  • PJ Murphy – Chairman, ChemMasters/JTP Products, Inc.
  • Kyle Madden – Partner, KLH Capital
  • Jonathan Ives – Managing Director, SCG Partners
  • John Dalton – Founder & Managing Partner, IDI

Workshop Description:
Strategic acquirers often provide business owners the best opportunity to maximize value. But interfacing with strategic acquirers can be tricky for sell-side intermediaries. This panel of seasoned corporate, family office, and private equity acquirers will share with you their approach to strategic acquisitions, what they look for from sell-side intermediaries, how they evaluate opportunities, determine fit, make decisions, identify dealbreakers, and opine to value.

Moderator:  Alex Welles – Director of Business Development, Union Capital Associates, LP 


  • Josh Welk – Founder & Managing Partner, Lancer Capital Management
  • Blair Badham – Managing Director, Lafayette Square
  • Ryan Theret – SVP Enterprise Banker, KeyBank

Workshop Description:
Every deal is sold a minimum of three times to get to a closing: at the pitch meeting, to the acquirer, and to the funding sources. The most successful intermediaries have an in-depth understanding of all three phases. This panel will focus on the third: the equity and debt that comprise the capital stack. Panelists will explore how both lenders and equity sources view a deal, and think about goals, returns, and structure.

Keynote Presenter:   Daryl JW Mackin – Founder/Executive Director, A Soldier’s Child Foundation

A Soldier’s Child Foundation (ASC) is now serving over 4500 children of fallen servicemen and women from all U.S. military branches. ASC is caring for children in every state within our country.

ASC acknowledges all deaths during active duty and any deaths post-military service, due to service-related injuries or illnesses. This includes suicides from PTSD-related deaths. ASC’s main focus is the child of our fallen and how do they reach this special military child at risk. ASC offers Love to the child left behind, Honor for the memory of the fallen, and a Hope for the children to live a courageous life.

ASC does this with yearly birthday celebrations, yearly mini-camps and a week-long summer camp, mentorship and leadership programs, and ASC facilitating in secondary/college scholarships.

Presenter:  John McGee – President, Blue Sky and Keystone Muse Companies

Master Class Description: 

This is not your parent’s marketing paradigm. Imagine a marketing strategy that pays for itself – yes, self-funded marketing. Social Resourcing is a collection of strategies that allows you to identify an unlimited number of prospects, target them with actionable messaging, and provide a mechanism to “collect” and monetize those relationships. All while driving your company’s business development goals. Come prepared to participate in this interactive workshop, where each participant will leave with a basic evaluation strategy to future-proof their marketing plan.


Troy Smith – Negotiation Instructor and Coach, The Black Swan Group
Barbara Thomas – Negotiation Instructor and Coach, The Black Swan Group

Master Class D

These are the core skills of The Black Swan Method™, a communication approach designed to demonstrate tactical empathy, build rapport, and achieve trust-based influence. You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of each of the 9 core skills, the purpose of each, and how it can be used.

Each of these skills appear in Never Split the Difference, a riveting, indispensable handbook of negotiation principles culled and perfected from Chris Voss’s remarkable career as a hostage negotiator and later as an award-winning teacher in the world’s most prestigious business schools.

Negotiation 9 Skills:

• Labels

• Mirrors

• Dynamic Silence

• Paraphrase

• Summary

• Calibrated Questions

• “I” Messages

• Encouragers

• Rule of Three


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