Deepen Your Knowledge and Learning Through Pre-Conference Educational Courses.

Educational courses are designed for M&A advisors and business brokerage professionals to advance their understanding of the industry and sharpen their skills, enabling them to develop a more successful practice.  Earn continuing education credits that can be applied toward the prestigious Merger & Acquisition Master M&A advisor (M&AMI) designation.

Course Information:

  • Educational courses are priced additionally at $275 for members and $375 for non-members. (Onsite course registration is $375 for members and $475 for non-members).
  • If you plan to attend courses only, please select option 2 (2022 MAS Spring Conference – COURSES ONLY) during your registration.
  • Once registered for a course, a transfer fee per course will apply to make any changes to your course registrations including switching courses.

Sunday, May 8

Course #368 – Obtaining Quality Engagements Through Seminars and Networking
Instructor: Dean McDonald 
Credits: 4

Course Description:

This course will introduce methods on finding quality sellers ready to exit or retire from their business. Participants will learn methods to get an appointment and get past the gatekeeper. Course also covers the most effective ways to network and put on seminars to reach potential clients.

Course #363 – Overcoming the Complexities of Selling Manufacturing Companies

Instructor: John Howe, M&AMI, CM&AP
Case Study Participant:  John Dalton, Founder & Managing Partner, IDI
Credits: 4

Course Description:
Course 363 has been updated and provides practical insights into completing manufacturing transactions in the lower mid-market. It will offer resources, processes and methods that help get engagements and complete deals, including practical ways to use tools provided to M&A Source members. The course will also cover several case studies, including one that features how an investment firm improved and expanded a family owned company.

Course #426 – Determining Required Working Capital
Instructor:  Monty Walker -CBI, CPA, CGMA
Credits: 4

Working capital is an important element associated with every business. Without adequate working capital, new acquisitions, startups and existing businesses alike become financially challenged and often close. Working capital is a business value driver especially as the size of a business increases. This course provides an in-depth overview of working capital and the related information applicable to determining required working capital. Participants will learn about various factors which impact working capital, methods used to analyze working capital, metrics used to calculate working capital and how working capital impacts a business transaction. As a result of attending this course, participants will benefit from receiving the necessary information and skill enhancement to better manage this challenging variable which impacts every business transaction. No prerequisite courses are required to attend this course but a fundamental knowledge of financial statements is beneficial.

Course #351 – Opportunities in Hotel and Motel M&A

Instructor: Phil King, MVM, MBA, CMSBB, CBI 

Credits: 4

Course Description:

Big Brands, Small Brands and Independents … learn the nuances of how this industry works, what sellers are looking for and how they measure it. Learn how buyers use the assets to their advantage and how financiers measure and approve highly leveraged transactions. Learn how to enter and succeed in this buy, run and short term flip space. 

Monday, May 9

Course #427 – Working Capital Skills Development Lab
Instructor:  Monty Walker -CBI, CPA, CGMA
Credits: 4

Working capital is the life blood of a business. A business may have assets ready to be deployed, capable people ready to deliver, and customers ready to be served but even a business with the greatest of potential will fail if funds do not exist to support its endeavors. The level of working capital transferred in a transaction can become one of the most contentious issues between a buyer and a seller. Since it pertains to immediate cash needs and resources of the business, working capital has tremendous implications for the value of the business. This course expands on the knowledge foundation provided in MAS Course # 426. Through the use of case studies participants benefit from a hands on approach with the process of reviewing, analyzing and identifying the amount of working capital required for a business. As a result of attending this course, participants will gain confidence and skills from a direct application of the processes associated with determining required working capital. MAS Course # 426 is a prerequisite to attend this course.

Course #370 – The M&A Advisor – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Part I)

Instructor:  Pat McDonald, M&AMI, CM&AP, FMAS
Credits: 4

Course Description:
This course is designed to help those entering the M&A arena learn how to start the M&A process in the most productive way. There are many critical steps and skills required to deliver world class M & A advisory services. The question is: “How to deliver value and assure competencies in each sequential step?” This is Part 1 of a two-part course that investigates traditional procedures by providing a view of current and alternative business practices. A close look at the changing roles in today’s business environment for the advisor in the multi-step M & A process and how to increase effectiveness. Different methods will be shown on the need to cultivate specific talents, proficiencies, and functions, that require deployment of “Finders, Minders, and Binders” at the right time. Discussions on how negotiations occur in each stage of an engagement, and how all of these: negotiating expertise, aptitude, and process experience, are needed for an organized, but flexible, approach. Recommended that participants have a working understanding of middle-market experience with the M & A process, several years of transaction experience and a CBI or equivalent professional background.

Course #460 – Quality of Earnings: From Measured Financials to Meaningful Analysis
Instructors: Evan Ottaviano and Vijay Vaswani
Credits: 4

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze financial statements to identify quality of earnings (QoE) adjustments
  • Prepare a QoE analysis
  • Assess potential debt and debt-like items that affect purchase price
  • Prepare a debt and debt-like items analysis
  • Analyze working capital and assess alternatives for setting targets in purchase price adjustment mechanisms
  • Prepare a working capital analysis

Course #472 – Preparing a Business for Sale with Simplified Value Prep
Instructors: David Wimer, CBI, M&AMI & Fellow of M&A Source
Credits: 4

Course Description:
Students will learn a proven process for preparing a business for sale or transfer at maximum value, while creating a constant state of business readiness for value protection. This course includes understanding the financial, structural, operating and strategic factors that contribute to or detract from value. The course includes a case study, small group sessions and takeaway tools used for organizing an approach, performing the analysis, and setting objectives for client interaction. As a bonus feature, students will visualize the process embedded in a virtual deal room, which any advisor can customize and utilize in their business preparation pursuits.

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