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If you are a PEG…

If you are a Private Equity Group (PEG) looking to invest in businesses valued between $1-50 million, make a commitment to participate in the M&A Source Deal Market. The M&A Source Deal Market attracts over 150 experienced merger and acquisition professionals who are eager to discuss business opportunities with you.  The Market is  3 1/2 action packed hours of deal flow in the middle of a conference schedule filled with professional developement and networking events.

Attendees at the Deal Market represent the most successful and sophisticated M&A Advisors in the lower middle market. 95% of attendees are M&A Advisors! The fact that attendees are experienced professionals ensures PEG representatives that their time will not be wasted and they will have ready access to more potential acquisitions in one day than they could hope to ever see in one day in their office. Plus, by making personal connections with advisors at the Deal Market, you are almost assured increased deal flow year-round, because you will have a chance to educate this audience on the criteria you use in evaluating ad-ons and platform roll-outs. The contacts you make at the Deal Market will save you time, money and energy because they will be more likely to call you when they have opportunities that meet your criteria because of the personal relationships you develop as a regular attendee at this semi-annual event.

If you are an M&A Advisor…

The M&A Source Deal Market is the highlight of the conference! With literally hundreds of millions of dollars of available capital represented in one room in one day, this is the must attend event for any professional advisor. Attendees have the opportunity to discuss deals they are representing with a time-effective concentration of Private Equity groups (PEGs) available nowhere else. The PEG representatives are there to pick-up add-ons and platforms of various criteria. This is a great opportunity for advisors to pitch deals and network directly with buyers in your market. PEGs are valuable partners in the marketing process involving the sale of small and middle market companies. Understanding what information should be presented to a PEG, and in what sequence, are key factors for an advisor to understand. In addition to forming personal relationships with equity investors and investment funds, “telling the story” of an acquisition opportunity is vital to building realistic investor interest.

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