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10 Minutes with Pat McDonald


Pat McDonald, CBI, M&AMI, FMAS, FIBBA, CM&AP, is a principal of Walden Businesses, Inc. – an M&A acquisitions company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Pat has been an Intermediary since 1989 and a member of the M&A Source and International Business Brokers Association since 1990. Pat received the CBI designation in 1992 and was awarded the Fellow of the IBBA (2002) and Fellow of the M&A Source (2014), the highest honors bestowed for members who have made sustained and significant contributions to the Associations. In 2005 she earned the M&AMI certification (Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary), an elite certification in the [...]

10 Minutes with Pat McDonald2020-04-28T16:12:37-04:00

Closing is Just the Beginning – Elements of an Effective Post-Merger Integration Plan


When it comes to acquisitions, the “closing date” is often seen as the crescendo of a purchase. But for buyers, the attention shifts quickly to assessing the organizational health of the acquisition, the technology it possesses, and the financial controls in place to develop an integration plan. With pitfalls identified and areas of focus in mind, how do you draft an integration plan? First of all, the plan should be collaborative – involve people from both sides of the table, as well as outside advisors. A collaborative approach allows leaders to give input, which often translates to their “buy-in.” The plan should follow a [...]

Closing is Just the Beginning – Elements of an Effective Post-Merger Integration Plan2020-06-30T15:17:11-04:00

Closing is Just the Beginning – Post-Merger Integration Plan Best Practices


Growth by acquisition can be a risky proposition, but it carries less risk when compared with organic growth. In theory, you are paying market value for a book of business that will immediately begin generating cash flow. If the valuation is reasonable, then the deal should be appealing to shareholders. In contrast, organic growth or investment in new growth areas doesn’t always materialize. Acquisitions are the preferred choice for many companies looking to grow on a retracted timetable, and the process is an exciting one. When it comes to acquisitions, the “closing date” is often seen as the crescendo of a [...]

Closing is Just the Beginning – Post-Merger Integration Plan Best Practices2020-03-03T13:39:51-05:00

3 Takeaways From Harvard Business School’s 2019 Search Fund Conference


Though search funds still make up a relatively small percentage of lower middle market investors, this investment model continues to gain prominence. In December 2019, I had the pleasure of attending the HBS Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) conference for my third consecutive year. It’s been incredible to see firsthand the search fund community gaining prominence. I’d like to sincerely thank Harvard Business School and the ETA Club at HBS for producing the incredible event. For those unfamiliar with ETA, it is a career path in which professionals (often after an MBA program) acquire a profitable lower middle market business and assume [...]

3 Takeaways From Harvard Business School’s 2019 Search Fund Conference2020-03-03T13:39:58-05:00

10 Minutes with Jim Cumbee


This month, we sat down with Jim Cumbee JD, MBA, chair of the M&A Source Communications Committee for 2020. Jim is the owner of Tennessee Valley Group, an M&A advisory business for companies with revenue of $5M to $40M. He is also a Tennessee Supreme Court listed General Civil Mediator. In addition to being an attorney, transition mediator and business broker he has also been a buyer, seller, and entrepreneur. Tell us about your pre-M&A career and how it led you to do this work? I have been in the business of strategic capital allocation for 30+ years. At Disney, I [...]

10 Minutes with Jim Cumbee2020-03-03T13:40:05-05:00

10 Minutes with Bob McCormack


  This month, we sat down with Bob McCormack of Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors. Bob founded Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors in 2005, a business advisory service company specializing in sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory, business valuations, financing placement, and highly selective business turnaround advisory services. They focus on middle-market companies, typically annual revenues of between $2,000,000 to $75,000,000, mainly in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic states. He is the former president & chief executive officer of SunBank, a regional financial services company with more than $1 Billion in assets. As CEO, he negotiated and implemented numerous acquisitions. With more than 25 years of [...]

10 Minutes with Bob McCormack2020-02-05T09:38:27-05:00

Value Rises, When There are No Surprises!


How to protect your client’s business value from unplanned, chance events. As we all know, there are rarely good surprises in business. Record concurrent years of positive economic growth are behind us, with an unclear future. Risk exposures beyond our control loom daily -- tariffs, trade wars, industry slowdowns, recession, partisan politics or international crisis. Of equal concern, internal operating risks abound -- increasing pay rates, hiring difficulties, technology edge and  compliance requirements to name a few. Most business owners want to enjoy the value that took years to develop. So how can we help them protect and grow that same [...]

Value Rises, When There are No Surprises!2020-02-05T09:38:00-05:00

Deal Flow Options and the Single Family Office Investor


Takeaway: Markets are continually in flux. This means that your sales practice must be adaptable to compete in the market place. These deal flow options, or even an SFO, may be the best for you when the time comes. For traditional private equity investors, today’s market conditions present challenges in putting their money to work. On the one hand, the amount of investable capital remains plentiful and interest rates remain relatively low. On the other, however, a shortage of quality investments has pushed valuations outside of the consideration set for many investors. Market conditions are no different for Single Family Offices [...]

Deal Flow Options and the Single Family Office Investor2018-08-02T15:48:42-04:00

Capital is Critical for Company Growth


By Gary Miller SDR Ventures Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the major constraint for most small and middle market companies. To reach the next level of success, capital is the fuel that drives the company’s growth engine. Without it, reaching that “next level” is almost impossible. Many entrepreneurs are skilled at starting and building small successful companies. But growing a small company into a big one is very different, and in many ways, a more difficult task which is why raising growth capital is so important. Entrepreneurs and business owners often stumble in obtaining growth capital because they are inexperienced [...]

Capital is Critical for Company Growth2018-08-02T15:47:51-04:00

10 Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Private Equity Partner


1. Does the private equity firm proactively provide complete references? A potential partner should offer access to the management of all companies with whom it has worked over the years, whether or not the transactions have gone well. “Sellers should be able to choose which references to call,” says Prospect Partners’ Vice President Brett Holcomb. “Like a marriage, the dynamics of the relationship can be hard to gauge until you get deeper into it. For the best window into what the investor is really like as a partner, hear a variety of experiences. Talk to companies that experienced steady growth, and [...]

10 Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Private Equity Partner2019-10-02T12:49:14-04:00